Beyond the Northwest




I have traveled all over the world taking photographs.  Still, the United States is my favorite place to photograph with it's rich history and diversity.  A couple of the images below were taken outside the U.S. but most were taken within our great country.

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Mystical Bamboo

Almost Forgotten

French Dining

Bryce Colors

Bryce Glow 1

Bryce Glow 2

Bryce Glow 3

Celestial Sky House

Flame House

Ancient Spacemen


Gnarled Reflection

Grand Canyon Bifold

Haleakela Sunset

Molten flow


Bouyed Up

Tree Falls

Peeking Moon

Mystical Light

Phantom Horse

Purple Slot

Reaching for the Sky

Twisted Slot

Rise From the Rocks

Chaco Passage

White House Ruins

Warrior Princess

Santa Fe Door 1

Santa Fe Door 2

Santa Fe Door 3

Santorini Flowers

Santorini Windmill

Santorini Welcome

Shopping in Santorini

Yellowstone River Rainbow

Vancouver at Night 1

Vancouver at Night 2

Fading Vancouver

Abstract 1

Abstract 2

Abstract 3

Abstract 4

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