My favorite style of photography is the landscape.  I have visited some of America's most beautiful and deeply moving locations. In every image I have attempted to convey the emotion that I felt when I stood there and took the picture.

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To the Sea 1

To the Sea 2

Reptile Sand

Out of the Depths

Hidden Sunset

Another Day Gone

Storm Front

Watching Over the Sea

Resisting the Sea

Shine On

Heceta Head Lighthouse

Blanket of Color

Flowing Into Fall

Golden Reflection

Golden Aspens

Canadian Hike

Canyon Ridge

Distant Rain

Falling Into the Notch 1

Falling Into the Notch 2

Glowing Cloud

Mt Shuckson Glow

Late Day at Mt Shuckson

Mountain Reflection

Liberty Bell

Lonely Outpost

Marching On

You Looking at Me?

Maui Sunset 1

Maui Sunset 2

Mesa Arch Sunrise 1

Mesa Arch Sunrise 2

Morning Glow

Purple Haze

Mt Rainier 1

Mt Rainier 2

Mt Rainier 3

Mt Rainier 4

Spider Rock

Strawberry Skies

Wizard Island

Sunken Log

Sunrise on Diamond Mountain

Morning Canoe

Sunrise on Mt Edith Cavel

River View

Gathering Storm

Teton Glow

Teton Impression

Trail to Angel's Roost

Snoqualmie Falls Flood

Snoqualmie Falls Summer

Trickle Down

Under the Bridge

Twisted Tree

Yosemite Mist

Yosemite Reflection 1

Yosemite Reflection 2

Yosemite Reflection 3

Half Dome Color

Days Gone By

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