The Northwest




Aah, the Northwest!

It's a fascinating and varied landscape: vast stretches of open ocean and crashing beaches, rivers that carry glacial silt to the receiving ocean, inland fresh water lakes gleaming in the sunlight, majestic mountains with glaciers scraping down the sides, arid and desolate but no less fascinating deserts, and forests of towering trees often covered with layers of moss.  Yes, the Northwest is a photographers paradise.  Enjoy my country!

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A River Runs Through It


Buried in Ice 1

Buried in Ice 2

Buried in Ice 3

Caught in the Fall

Colorful Rust

Crater Lake Sunrise

Crater Lake Sunrise 1

Crater Lake Sunrise 2

Crater Lake Sunrise 3

Down the Path

End of the Rainbow 1

End of the Rainbow 2

Experience Music Project 1

Experience Music Project 2

Experience Music Project 3

Experience Music Project 4

Fall Falls

Fall Reflection

Fall Stroll

Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3



Fungus Amongus

Golden Sunset

Grounded Dory

Ice Crystals 1

Ice Crystals 2

Japanese Gardens 1

Japanese Gardens 2

Japanese Gardens 3

Japanese Gardens 4

Japanese Gardens 5

Japanese Gardens 6

Last of the Sun

Worn-out Keys


Mystical Fog

Passage of Time

Pastel Gorge

Primal Forest 1

Primal Forest 2

Road into Fall

Snoqualmie Train Station

Snow Bird Migration

Space Needle and Fountain

Stacked Boats


The Spit

Lazing Lizard

Tree Frog

Multnomah Falls Freeze 1

Multnomah Falls Freeze 2

Proxy Falls

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